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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Human gender play in the advertising

Uploaded by: Frank C.
Cadaver of a perfect fool, with no emotion droid, beats his wife and raped his daughter, but the limbs of all special functions. Ask gently: disabled?

Kills half of the culture, my friends, my dear reader, there are books, there is the experience and, finally, the sound is a peasant who dwells within all of it, and headed scythe, if you know what I mean. So the brute force non-natural, non-basic, can be taken against him.
Someone once told me that everyone is born rassist because some other differences, and why we want someone who does not look like us, but different. Come on, who loves a man who has a different color? There are a lot of pink, man, I love them, and the rest do not come here because idegesítenek. But then the man - be lucky - there is his father's (may be intellectual, moral, and therefore not the ambition of genetics), who is smart, and he says: sweet, child, you wanker, pink, but accidentally. Could be blue, red, green, to prevent accidental from our ability forged in the capital, but rather to learn to draw very much, or what the elf (the number of live, think, etc.).
But back to the first paragraph intelemhez raised, I say unto you: not favorized the "disabled" as a very, very next to go. (The definition is affected by this hate. The disability - as they say - a military term, which is a loss of, or loading the missing quantity of ammunition, they did not, however, are incomplete.) I'd rather use the "disabled" definition, and then maybe take seriously you who have not less than you, but maybe a better design!

For example, sitting on the citizens of the TV before, and I believe that the perfect man. How can you be a perfect man? There are hands, feet, moving about as a floating kidney, see and hear, you think about the evolution of the peak, but in his mind the terrible turmoil. Cadaver of a perfect fool, with no emotion droid, beats his wife and raped his daughter, but the limbs of all special functions. Ask gently: disabled? No, come on, no, he is the perfect male (female), not seen any error, true state of mind prehistoric be located, sickly thoughts, and reject, a negative contribution to the mankind, but as appearance mean, just think about it, the erratic, that the total life, full of people. The unconscious bias of the work, but fortunately, people have been able to dominate and instincts, thus self-irony, self-criticism and önismerettel have to position ourselves belelássuk the foolishness, and talentless handedness.

We can see something that is not like us, look, understand and learn from it, or think, but good, that I have two hands, but the damage that I'm tone-deaf. The balance is prepared, and won, and lost, I live on disability, also, of course, but I am so lucky that it does not seem at first. There is not a citizen of this earth who do not live in some disability. Of course, work on "democratic Nazism" who seems to press on the ground, who is weaker is humiliated, and we, who have ear stick, according to crap, we can not cook, do not go to the push-ups (and even etc. dawn), the remarkable, avoid embarrassing situations, exit, when you can. Wheelchair, however, it is difficult to hide.

Ah - the joyous roar chump - you seem to disability? We now show that I'm better! Not better, not smarter, not gifted, but better, because I can walk, muhaha, finally something I feel that there is not any place in the világban.Amit you can not find the place where I feel terrible, but I am, you're not, bibibí! Then back to the room-kitchen, where the harvest of death, where you hate your family members where a child has been on drugs, and she was not only kills, it is to live in fear.

But we can tell you: I saw a lame muhaha, who tried to cross a funny inhumane zebras, amused that the whole district. I do not absent-minded one. Not have people, not become better, more beautiful and gifted, but another animal.

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  1. I read this twice, and cannot understand what you are talking about ??

  2. I can't either Speedy. I will have to think on it.

    Happy Monday to all. I hope you all have a great week.

    Speedy did you write this? Wow this will be my mystery for the week.

    There are some wonderful phrases that really made me stop and think...but, I cannot engulf it in it's entirety.

    Have a god one everybody!!:-)

  3. OppppSsss that should be good.....sorry for the misspell.

  4. I tried a bit of wry humor to understand that it is not always the people with disabilities, of whom we know this, but it is Benua disability, which is difficult to know, we know it! I'm sorry, but this post was amden with the google translation from Hungarian into English and perhaps understandable, therefore, not word for word, everything!