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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Coupon against the economic crisis?

Coke Side of Life: Coca-Cola Art RemixImage by Coca-Cola Art Gallery via Flickr
The incentive to buy is always happy to receive coupons available to customers, but the economic recession at the time of even greater significance is the right to discount vouchers.
The customers using coupons to save serious amounts of shops, supermarkets and the benefits of attracting a lot of buyer, so the crisis can be offset to some extent caused by the decrease in traffic.
The economic recession of the customers can spend less, thus saving all the opportunity I'm glad. The sellers are looking for new tools to the fact that the shrinking of the wallet to encourage customers to purchase. Therefore, the trader, buyer and seller, as well as a great opportunity for the coupons.
Coupons history: how it began, the coupon-fever?
In order to discount the authority inherent in the perspective of the United States almost a hundred and fifty years ago saw.
America, the pharmacist and businessman, Asa Candler, who bought it for $ 2300, the Coca-Cola formuláját, the first handwritten coupons distributed, which the new drink a glass of soft drink was free. It spread like wildfire after the coupons, and a short period of time to become part of American households.
In 1930, the great economic crisis during the depression period, all saved, and the coupons for this purpose is perfectly matched.
As a result, the coupons for a whole new industry, while tradition has been established.
Supermarket coupons extended to the whole country, half of Americans will soon be using it.
In the 1990s, the first coupons on the Internet, and America has been celebrating the first national voucher straight month, the National Coupon Month "is.
Later became part of education at the coupon, as a growing number of parents involve children, how to save with this tool, even for teachers to use the coupons in the schools, to illustrate the value of money.
For this reason, the 77% of the consumers - the 71 young people aged between 18-24% of the - the preferential use coupons, so the use of coupons in the habit of buying one of the most popular in America.
Outside the U.S. in other parts of the world is a very popular method of promotion coupon. Especially today, is of great importance - as a major economic crisis - a recession when everyone feels in their own skin.
Before Christmas in Great Britain a number of companies increased advertising spending, in the hope that it will increase sales as well. The only exception was the Morrisons, a 29% reduction in the cost of advertising, it has increased its market share. His success was due to the coupons, because of the actions announced before the holidays to reward a customer for over 40 pounds, 20 pounds of the value of a gift coupon available.
This enthusiasm of the other competitors, a number of actions announced coupons, even for this reason many of the 2009 marketing strategies to build. No wonder, since a survey of U.S. consumers for more than 70% of coupon has been used more than half a year ago.
China also reached a fever of coupons. The Chinese people, very efficient, but it is usually followed in the otherwise very straight now prevent that kimeneküljön the country's economic crisis.
The government has spent billions of dollars to urge the Chinese consumption, but the methods have not been the desired result, therefore, a huge coupon campaign announced.
The Communist Party activists are looking to the general public, and food articles, clothing, beauty products are eligible for benefits if distribute coupons.
Indeed, it is also suggested that a portion of the salaries of government officials who are paid with coupons.
Many of the world's countries in the coupon or fever of unknown in Hungary, and even the big supermarket chains to small businesses a lot of people have used.
The on-line printing, or coupons redeemable in supermarkets are, however, does not have a long tradition.
The difficult economic situation our country is likely to be more and more people realize the enormous potential of this opportunity, and business decision-makers to recognize the coupon promotion is a great power that should be incorporated into the long-term marketing strategy.

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  1. Great informative article I always use coupons and always looking for them in newspapers, magazines etc. being on a fixed income they come in handy and save me lots especially since I use food stamps. Hoorey for Coupons..

  2. We have not really covered by the coupon, but the necessary laws Drop ...