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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Color and Me

Colour It In album coverImage via Wikipedia
Play the Colour and I game to find out what truths lie within your character.
The game will reveal your financial, fashionable, romantic and friendly traits.
To begin Your inner yourney, click here

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  1. Ribbit, ribbit Froggy! I just had to pop in and say hello!! Are the kids in school yet? If not I can imagine that you are very very busy!!


  2. yes the kids are in school,,i just have been busy since they started on august3rd

  3. You make sure that your financial decisions are safe and secure. You are wary of taking risks and are overly cautious that tends to let golden opportunities slip from your grasp!

    Fashion is marketing vice that only the weak fall victim to. You like to rise above it all, dressing in a way that is your own unique style.

    You are aggressive in business, but tend to take the backseat when it comes to your personal life. You are more comfortable talking about work than relationships.

    You are a very practical person. It's more important to you that the things you own are useful, rather than nice to look at.

    Variety is the spice of life. You are comfortable in any crowd and get along easily with anyone

    You are very strong-willed, even bordering on stubborn. You like to take care of yourself before helping others, although you will never let people down.

    I played and there are my answers!

    Happy Monday Kimmy!!:-)