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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Want to be a co-author?And some info about us too...

If any of you out there would like to be a co-author with us on this blog, please let us know..We are always looking for something new to read on here and we love meeting new people/friends...You can write about almost anything if you want or just ask us...
Maunie likes to write about her family sometimes and really loves her cat Penny who is a packrat..
Speedy does everything fast,loves Chicken and has a wild imagination..You never know what Speedy will come up with or says...
Robert writes about Poetry..Use to be a truck driver..He is also a candian red neck..
Angel Baby loves anything about Angels and cares for everybody and anything..Lovely friend to talk to ..
Kaylee is the young one around here and still learning the ropes about everything...
Colin has a great sense of humor and a good friend..He disapears every so often cause of his health problems...
Pandora Wilde loves to make things by hand like soaps and a few other assorted items..
Purple frog cat 3 kids and loves anything purple..Sometimes will write about anything that comes to mind..
Jesse the Cat blogs only here at the moment when she can,,Her computer died awhile back and doesn`t have the money to get another one, but hopefully in the future she will come bak to us full time..She uses twitter through her cellphone when that doesn`t act up..She has a daughter named Cassie..Great friend to us..

All of us have gotten to know each other one way or another and we keep in touch with each other when we can..We are a friendly group here..

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  1. ... and the kaposlogisztika continue to want to write any topic which is of sufficient interest to visitors to of course ... google translator from Hungarian to English translation is difficult, and perhaps not always comprehensible, but, therefore, the responsibility lies with the google translator and not me:)