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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Speedy Cat Doing SpeedyCat Things

I have not been able to play golf for some time now. I'm just too busy at work. During an actual round of 18 holes, I dress the part, and always remain serious to the business at hand. [See photo left]

I did stop at the driving range Friday night on the way home from the big city. I am in work clothes and wearing my glasses. I usually play with contacts because it's much easier for me to make solid contact with the ball ... here are a few examples of how I struggled to get off a few good shots!

Mauling one 335 yards out torwards the women's prison.

This shows how important a pre-shot routine is.

Just so you know this was not a fluke, I did it twice :-)

Kim will be away for a while. Any questions or concerns about this blog??

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  1. You can also find me on Twitter ...

    "hollydale" is my username

    My main blog is http://speedcathollydale.blogspot.com

  2. And that is one HECK of a swing there ya got there Mr. Speedycat!!!

    (or whatever your name is....)

  3. Why thank you !!!

    Doc Shoal is on Duty right now in the OR. Notice any familiar names around here??

    Nice post speedy...your the busiest guy ever...and who the heck is Doctor Shoal? One of your many persona's

  5. Hi Maunie ... you seem to get around quite well yourself!!

    Doctor Shoal is at http://speedcathollydale3.blogspot.com

    Beware ... images are graphic!!!!!!!

    Hope you are having a smile filled and relaxing day.
    Your pal in Minnesota,