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Monday, August 25, 2008

Old Willie is Still Here

Those cold crisp nights
Sitting in a truck stop
In Bismark North Dakota
Air so clear you see the stars
You sit warmly in the cab
Rolling through Odessa Texas
Almost scrub land you have seen
Laying quiet high atop
Wyoming's Great Divide
The scent of cattle
In great green pastures
Sliding across Nebraska state
Santa Fe and it's flavor
The sadness of the cotton belt
Where empty factories line the road
The barren nothingness winter
In the Canadian prairies
The Majesty of Mt. Rainier
Funny how the memory of man
Highlights the things you enjoy
And the hard times that will fade
I miss these things even now
Years have passed since travel
On the roads and paths
Not a heart yearning miss
But one of pleasant pause
I know I will not go there again
My time of rolling done
The one thing I still have
Besides the thoughts of many miles
Old Willie and the boys
Fillers of many lonesome times
Still croon away in background
Old cowboy songs of note
So I tip a bit of Jack
Let Willie and Waylon ride
Still fine company at night
In quiet times of thought

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  1. I just bet his last name is Nelson...am I right?