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Friday, August 22, 2008

The kids fish

During the past week when i was sick with a migraine, i decided to check on the kids and the house..I went into the kitchen cause i had one of those feelings and i was right about my feelings..My son Christopher somehow had all 3 bettas in the same fish tank on the kitchen counter..I ended up going fishing for the fish to put them back in their own tanks again..never did find out which fish belonged in their proper tanks..(kids haven`t relized about the mixed up fish)...
They all look the same to me..


  1. My grandaughter was over this weekend ... SO much fun but you need to keep an eye on her at all times!!

  2. Fishes are look identical if their site, colour, category are same.
    For those who keep fishes as pets, they can recongnise the fishes individually.
    wow, your son Christopher somehow had all 3 bettas in the same fish tank on the kitchen counter..your ended up going fishing.
    Take care always.

  3. Woweee
    you were lucky Kim...how come they didn't try to eat each other? I could tell which was which because I was the one to feed them and change the tank water...but it's hard...thank goodness Christopher is back in school...poor you...he is a handfull..

  4. how come I'm not listed as a contributer? I still am....aren't I?