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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Penny the cat

Lazy Penny, Good Penny... I think Penny, my beautiful cat, has a split personality. I know she is nuts..they say animals take on the traits of their owners so...I guess it's true. This morning she was crying inconsolably about nothing. I changed her water..gave her food..even broke down and gave her treats. But she would not stop crying..Young son came in and she hid behind the chair until he went up for a shower..Okay she doesn't like him, but she hid the jersey I had just ironed for him..and one of his sneakers..In about five minutes..so he came in the kitchen..looking for his stuff and started yelling..it's not funny. It took me a few minutes to figure out what had happened. So I locked the outside door and put her on the front porch..it's all windows and it's her favorite place to be. She started howling again..we opened the door and she stalked in and started yelling at me in cat speak...I don't speak cat language. Then older son came over looking for a specific tool and he and his Dad went to retrieve it from some friend they had loaned it too and she started again...I held her for about five minutes but I can't spend my life holding my cat..can I? Now it's just the two of us and she's fine..I am typing away and she is on her comfy chair with her favorite blanket...maybe she is a tad spoiled? hummm

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  1. we have a problem cat too...tator tot can`t seem to walk on our bedroom floor-she has to jump from furniture to furniture..it seems like on the floor she is afraid to touch it like something is out to get her...the cats may have a big bowl of fresh food-but they find it better to eat out of the bag...the water dish is fresh at least 2 times a day-they like the toilet water better.we have 2 litter boxes-1 group prefers 1 box while the other group prefers another box..(2 different kinds of litter)while we have cat who will poop in 1 box and pee in the other...