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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Here you sit abandoned
Discarded left to rot
Even though your walls
Hold memories of many
New young lovers
Building a future here
The sound of children
The toil of the land
Joy of harvest time
Now gone memory only past
So you sit in wait
For the clank of treads
Machinery of the developer
Will knock you down
Letting the memories
Fly gone to the wind
Of man's progressive times

By Robert at
Blacktie and Sneakers
and From The Roads


  1. This is sad, but true, Robert! There is something enchanting about old abandoned homesteads...the remnants of yesteryear....Great poem!

  2. thanks Robert, you did great...

  3. Nice one Robert...but so sad..I love looking at old houses and imagine what life in the past was to them...a lovely family, one dog...two cats...nice