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Thursday, May 21, 2009

SQIP - Stakeholder Program

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The SQIP as The Networking Entertainment Communication Collaboration Program is FREE to join.
Commissions: You can earn 5% commission on purchases made by anyone in your referral network.
Your referral network can be 10 levels deep with unlimited members on each level.

This is ongoing, residual commission from multiple services, upgrades and products that will be on offer within Sqip. Please see the info in your back office area after you login.

There are no qualifications or purchases required before you earn commission.

Commissions are credited to your account in real time & paid out every Friday.

Your back office area provides you with real time 'sign up' and commission reports plus money management options.

Booster. Sqip Booster is an upgraded membership that offers you the opportunity to make even more commission by sharing in the upgrade fees from anyone in your referral network who also joins Booster

When any member in your 10 level deep referral network also joins Booster, you will earn an instant cash commission PLUS you get an ongoing residual income every month.

There are two Booster programs to choose from.

Booster1: Subscription is 15 Euros per month. You get 50 PEPs a month plus 1 Euro per member per month, 10 levels deep

Booster2: Subscription is 30 Euros per month. You get 100 PEPs a month plus 2.50 Euro per member per month, 10 levels deep.

You can upgrade from FREE membership to either of the Booster programs at any time.

You can upgrade from Booster1 to Booster2 at any time,

You can down grade from Booster2 to Booster1 at any time.

SqipCom uses a portion of its profits to sustain a promotion campaign that will attract new members to the Sqip portal.

New members joining from the SqipCom advertising campaign are allocated to Booster members via a rotator system.

Also, coming soon for Booster members. Your Sqip 'Splash' site and the Booster marketing program. Exclusive to Booster members the program is a step by step, do it by the numbers action plan that can build your Booster network to thousands. This program is 'stunning' in its simplicity and almost 'shocking' in its effects.

Use the calculator below to check out your potential earnings from Sales commission & Booster.

Click on 'Sales Commission' to view the drop down menu.

Please note: Sales commissions are based on a potential average monthly commission of 0.75 Euros per referral. The actual income determined by sales may be lower or higher in reality.

Please note: FREE PEPs will end on the 24th May. PEPs for sale will end soon after. PEPs included in Booster membership will continue

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