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Friday, April 3, 2009

Conficker C - Forget the hype

As the clocks ticked over to April 1st, the world waited to see what Conficker C would do.

There was a lot of hype surrounding it, but it did do what many security experts expected, it modified itself and buried itself deeper into infected machines making it much harder to find.

April 1st was the 'trigger' date and the purpose of Conficker is not known at present but it is expected to be fully activated over the next 4 - 5 weeks.

So, no, it was not an April Fool's Day joke as many have said, it's very real and the controllers now have a loaded gun.

Infected or not? There are ways now of finding whether you are infected with this worm and also specific tools which are being constantly updated.

As long as the Microsoft patch was applied and security programs updated the majority of users will be fine, but be careful of email attachments and link clicking.

You can find more about the visual test and tools here on Free PC Security

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