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Monday, March 16, 2009

What Women Want The Men?

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1 Nice
2 Sightseeing
3 willing to financially successful, which proved divorce
4 listens attentively, but not silent
5 Witty
6 slim (slim passed up)
7 style dresses
8 assesses the quality of things
9 It is a pleasant surprise
10 imaginative, romantic lover, and dedicated
REVISED SCHEDULE 32 years old:
1 Have a look (not only those who favor the hair)
2 opens the door, pull the chair, because emancipating
3 There is enough money for a nice dinner, and is willing to sacrifice her
4 more listening than talking, because wisdom is not the birth of the world
5 laughs at my jokes
6 It can carry with shopping bag back to the shop, because if she wants to cook ...
7 Do you know that it does not take a bottle of champagne that he should open it
8 can be connected to at least tie the match
9 I do not forget the toilet seats to down a seat
10 Weekends are generally depilate
REVISED SCHEDULE 42 years old:
1 It is not too bad (wig is still not recommended at this time)
2 I do not get out of the car before it starts
3 There is a permanent job, from time to time to put that restaurant, they
4 nodding while talking to it (do not need to understand is that ...)
5 Most of you remember the jokes funny
6 It is in good repair to reorder the furniture, but we did
7 It has to wear a shirt, which could be show belly
8 Do you know that it does not take a bottle of champagne that he loves
9 I do not forget to lift the toiletseat
10 Weekends are generally depilate
1 Cut the nose, ear and mouth of the edge of the coat
2 does not belch in public places and scratch  according to etiquette
3 It is not too often ask for a loan, because if it is to be away
4 Non-tells the story of the same joke too many times, since they do not remember
5 It will not be sleepy when I say mine because of his own party to wake up snoring
6 maintained high enough to have a weekend up dust removed from the couch
7 In general, two of the same type of clean socks and pants, the bust of her   husband, and explore the  laundry
8 Preferred rates of a good dinner a little against watching TV, or  preferred rates of a watching TV a little against a good dinner
9 times, to stop him with the name
10 There are weekends so that depilate
REVISED SCHEDULE 62 years old:
1 the children not scared of you
2 Remember that where is the bathroom
3 You do not have too much money to maintain the
4 only a moderate snoring during sleep
5 min Do you know the name
6 It is in good repair in order to give up
7 In general, taking some clothes
8 Likes soft foods
9 Do you remember where he left him in the teeth
10 You know, that weekend is
REVISED SCHEDULE 72 years old:
1 Breathe
2 is no longer associated with a toilet, otherwise they will resolve

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