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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reflection of human relations in a few?

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Might seem a bit remote start, but should be considered in the eel, heron, prairie dogs, and love life. They are also careful study of Darwin has been concluded that the contact between the two is not always directed to the female.
In the male animals in general look very attractive today, for which the period of courtship is throw on a shovel. In contrast, the female animals gray, boring, or even used lipstick. The mating of the males try to please every possible way to draw attention to themselves. Food in the mouths of the choosy females are approaching humility, or build a fancy nest day, or demonstrative, the female fight bloody battles before.
In some species the female is the one who generates the males in the fight.

"Throw yourself on, let's see, I really need this?"

This is absolutely logical, since the female is much more than the risk of a relationship, he will bring the world a successor, and he raised most of the cases, humans resort to a hospital or forget. Since the main objective is to spread their own genes. The female offspring to the dominant male animals who would likely have been successfully extended to the family genome.

In this perspective, the flirtation of male mating request expedited treatment. This finding is surprising and frustrating during the 130 years the public has been able to really go through, so the men persisted in believing it, they should be initiated and won the hearts of female animals, the women aware of their power and do not want to wake up. The growing lonely and networking problems, the researchers suggest, that carry the genes essential flirtation skills and capabilities over the cultural stereotypes.
Millions register online dating sites, and the turnover of the main Internet porn, chat, email, flirt, or to give cybersex. It's the fact that people are increasingly hopeless for the natural way of acquaintance, flee to the task, and anonymously, behind the services covered, look for "real".

Many say that the flirtation is not only evolutionary scheme, but a modern game, a way of self-expression and self-fulfillment. Today, we can flirt training courses to learn the art of flirting. Jill Spiegel, the flirtation of a new viability to friendly around the world and we can express ourselves in the deepest. "Flirt with life and the world", published in this modern prophet, flirt. However, every moment will be a celebration and an adventure. Such heights may not be able to follow Jill Spiegel, but there is no doubt that the flora is not only for those who wish to marry, or looking for a partner is recommended.
Flora does not know the simple technique, but not the coexistence of two ways. In the flirt accept ourselves as a "marketable", being no judge who is biologically programmed to unintended interest from other women / men are. Anyone who does not flirt, the signs and do not respond to them, do not want to take note of the female or male nature. Splitter about its identity. And, Uh-oh, but the consequences can be serious but!
"Then you free yourself, and not too late!"

Conclusion instead:
flora is a promise that you can not ask for the number, just return. The role of women is to understand a certain degree of self-defense, has always reserved the possibility of a retreat, usually given ambiguous signals. This kind of obligation, and to test a man's interest, as "surrender" to let him know the potential risk. The risk on both sides of the self-esteem and self-esteem the inclination of a serious risk of ruin. Anyone in this weak, give in marriage ad!

The educated, sophisticated female voluntarily, spontaneous, bottom-trained female involuntary physical and behavioral signs of fine way to start bombing the man who - if the broadcast will be, sooner or later take a deep breath and begins to approach the woman. The flirtation process, in which the male and the female control over the physical and psychological sense, is nearing completion, while the female continuously evaluates the information flowing from the man. Analyze, for example. the behavior, clothes, voice, etc. .. It shows the number and the seriousness of the man's interest, what appears to be trusted, how they fit together.

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