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Monday, December 15, 2008

New update from Maunie

What was I thinking?

On the eleventh of December I went into the hospital with the highest of expectations. Last
time I had the surgery for the right legs sciatica and it was not bad at all. Yes the back was sore
but when I put my right leg down...I was fine. This time I sunk right to the floor.

The pain was unimaginable. No drugs worked...morphine...demeral...anything they had I tried.
I was taking stuff every three hours but it only took the very top layer of pain away. I have never, ever experienced anything like this. The pain shoots down my leg and the toes on my left leg tingle...horrible...then the spasms start. I never slept more then an hour at a time and woke up ready to scream every time.

They finally sent me home late Sunday night with percodens and Valium for the spasms. I am
also taking a sleeping pill and sleeping in my own bed, I managed three hours.

I always thought I had a high tolerance to pain...so much for that. The Doctor says we will try
giving it a couple of weeks and then maybe more X rays and another MRI...he said it was too bad I had such an easy time the first time...and this is not uncommon...sure...anyway enough of me
belly aching just don't expect me around too much...you guys have always been so wonderful so a prayer or two can't hurt...love you all...Maun


  1. Oh my baby I wish I could help you--I have a seriously trashed back due to a surgery that didn't go well so I not only feel for you I feel with you. I have a total of three diseases caused by that effed-up surgery and when they're all going I feel like you sound.

    Hugs gentle but strong for you--if you want to you can email me anytime.

  2. thanks for the reasurance that I'm not going nuts...I go back to the doctor towmorrow (yup Christmas Eve) because it's been a week and a half. I am in more pain now then when they did surgery, What was I thinking? I thought I had a brain in my head. Now I'm not sure. a friend told us it can take up to a year,,,a friggen year...I don't believe it...well we will see what he says tomorrow.