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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I welcome 2009 with open arms..

This year has had its ups and downs for me. Many times there were more downs than ANYONE should rightfully have to deal with.In fact,there were so many times I actually just felt like giving up and I truly almost did.

I just wanted to lie down and sleep forever. But I had a house to re-decorate,2 jobs to hold down....and an 8 year old daughter to take care of. Plus car hassles and a boss who seems to be from the highest regions of Hell itself!!

Many times I felt like like I couldnt carry my load any longer. Yet, somehow I found the strength to go on...in small painful steps I managed to inch myself forward, and accomplish all the little things which make up the whole. It was not an easy year,but its behind me now...Thank God!! And yes...it had its amazing moments :)

I want to wish everyone, with all my heart and love, a Wonderful new year...and a safe, blessed festive season. Dont be drinking and driving,that leads to trouble. And take time to stop and appreciate all the important things along the way. Like your family,friends,flowers...even your job.Perhaps they seem trivial to you, but if they were to be gone,you would feel their absence with great pain !

Learn to relax and just appreciate it all.Keep focused on that road ahead...after all,its your life to be written as you want it :)
Love ,Jesse


  1. Hope you have a great year too..Be safe and be carefull with whatever you do

  2. Happy New year!! Wishing you all the best in 2009. Good life & Good health. More blessings to all of us. Cheers!!

  3. 2008 was a tough year for everyone on some level it would seem. But, that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger or so the saying goes.

    I wish you all the best in 2009 and hope it's filled with more positivity.

  4. God Bless you Jessie. We have all been there honey in different stages and intensity.
    When one thing goes wrong...within a few days it seems everything else crashes,
    I will pray for you. Truly hang in there not for yourself but for your little girl..the joy she will bring you is amazing.
    A new century has started...brand new...leave your mark on it honey.
    Kisses and hugs from maunie james and the most beautiful cat in the world penny

  5. Thanks to everyone for their comments here.I appreciate them all...for you stopping by and commenting is a strength all in sitself :)

    Big New Year blessings from me to all of you, ...PurpleFrog, PinayKeyPoint ,Lance GoodThrust...and Maunie !
    You guys are so amazing,hope your New Year is just as amazing, and yes, I know we will all find our strength and keep shining.We can only get better at it,right?? Love, and huge hugs as well... Jesse :)

  6. I guess its tough sometimes, with all the happenings that surround us females/moms/wives but i also hope you had a great time during the festive season and new years :)

    I wish you loads of love, warmth, happiness and peace throughout this year and forever :)

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