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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wordless Beaver Wednesday

Wordless Beaver Wednesday

Put a BEAVER on your blog and Doctor Shoal will link ya!!!

_________ PARTICIPANTS __________

1. Wordless Beaver Wednesday / 0007 BondCat
2. Wordless Beaver Wednesday as Therapy for MY blogging Addiction
3. Wordless Beaver Wednesday / Doc Shoal
4. Picture of a Beaver for Speedy

How about you??? Don't be a chicken, that was Wordless Chickens !!


  1. This post is for "Doctor Shoal" ... the man behind this meme. tHE link TO THE dOCTOR sHoAl blog is in this post!!


  2. what the french fries are you talken about?
    you lost me at foot repair....help me Rhonda
    is there anthin I should know? Good golly miss molly

  3. not one person got back to me and I still cannot figure out what the heck this post meant...take pity on me please...PLEASE...

  4. It is simple!! Post a picture of a beaver and you get links on 3 blogs from Doctor Shoal. If you post one, tell me in the comments here.

    The Doctor will handle the rest.

  5. Or you can just golf with me!

  6. It is just to bad you cannot see my avatar. We should have the old pop out comments here!!

  7. Hey Speedy,i have a beaver picture up at purplefrogcat