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Saturday, November 8, 2008

I hate/dislike...

I really hate those tiolets that are motion sensored in the stores..They sometimes like to flush on you when you are still sitting on the throne...And how about their sinks? They do not always work when you need them to work...
Walmart has been playing Christmas music for over a month now at the store i shop at. The music makes me more depressed cause i don`t have the money for Christmas for the kids..We barely just get by...
What are the other things that you do not like about the stores or anything in general?
Just let us know what you do not like so others can read it too..You never know how many dislikes you might have in common with other people..Thanks...


  1. I don't like salespeople that come over to you when your just looking asking if they can help you with something...and then follow you to the changing room and offer to get similar items.

    I don't like screaming children in stores or restaurants...you can't think straight...take them home if they are tired or speak softly to them to calm them down.

    I don't like the sizes of some clothes...in Jones N.Y. a size 10 or maybe a twelve fit fine...for liz...a fourteen may be small.

    I don't like hubby or young son today.

  2. i curently do not like the cold i have or my daughter talking too much today myself

  3. I don't mind the auto-flush toilets, it's the auto-faucets that I do not like. They never seem to "read" me and I end up being the weirdo trying to get the water to turn on by practically doing the Hokey Pokey in the sink!

  4. Kim ... I LOVE the holidays, and am never able to buy lavish gifts. I think that what is most impotant is "family"

    I see my brother and his family very rarely, and enjoy them so much.

    Blog looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will try and post here tomorrow :-)


  5. "Important" .... ha haaaa!!!!!!!!