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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another quickie: Miniskirts and Convention Wear

I'm home--a day late from the boyfriend's (where I had NO Interwebz) and leaving again a day early (back to where I haz no Interwebz) staying there a day, then heading to DaishoCon, an anime convention in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. (Who may or may not have WiFi and if they do I'll get damned little time online between pic downloads so don't look for me online--I'll be out causing trouble, dressed as a military soldier in a miniskirt and an old bag from the anime Inuyasha and other types of garb.

(Yes, I'm 44, celebrated my last birthday at Geek.Kon in Madison this past September and in April with be helping helm Anime Detour in St. Paul, MN, a convention with an attendance number between 3500 and 4000 people. Yes, I watch cartoons. Japanese ones. I thought Death Note was awesome, ShinChan is a blast in the same way South Park is, and the people who made the Live Action Speed Racer movie should die in a fire--I got carsick watching it. So--don't like it? You aren't required to. I do, and that's all that matters. My boyfriend does too, and he's 3 years older. Even sadder? Fuck you too--we have more fun than those couples who play pool league. I guarantee it.)

(We have sex more often too.)

Anyhow, that means I have 2 days to pack 3 days worth of clothes AND ALL MY FUCKING COSTUMES (Like the one where I wear a leather miniskirt, a military-style trench coat and a very low-cut shirt and is one of the rare occassions I wear makeup? Yeah, THAT costume--it's for a fan club I belong to called the Miniskirt Army. I'm an '80s lady so my miniskirt gets worn '80s style; my younger cohorts choose their own style as I do mine. Fun, but what a load of shit to haul to Point! And that's not the only costume! For anyone who cares, I'll also be playing Lady Kaede from Inuyasha with a bunch of my friends--and oh shit I have a wig to do too!) and the wig from the previous set of ellipses AND MY COMPUTER because it's a 3 day con and I'm likely to take about 300 pics that WON'T go in the shitcan, but I don't have that much memory for the CAMERA (adding to the list) so I need the computer to dump pics onto the hard drive so I have room to go out and snap some more. Plus extra underwear and socks, just in case of unforseen problems, just like I would any other out of town trip (with the exception of, you know, the leather mini and the trench coat.)

DaishoCon searchers who found this--I do post on the forum--but not with this name. I use another name and will be happy to meet anyone who knows me by that name from the forum. BTW to start with? Dodgeball in the Action Room on Friday night at 8 with the Risembool Rangers. Miniskirts and their fans are welcome to play on our side.

Shut up! I am NOT the only person there--last I heard registration was about 200 people and I have to get on that damn wig, so must run and will talk to you soon--probably Monday after I get back from Con and from my boyfriend's house.

And now? Off to catch up on blog posting before I have to start repacking and getting ready to get the hell out of one section of Wisconsin and into another. Have a good weekend--I know I will!

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