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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hi, I'm Mrs. Black. Nice to meet you. Who are you?

I found this over at EvilJulie's and thought I should share, since my answer actually makes sense, unlike the quiz that said I should be married to Naruto (an underage hyperactive knuckleheaded ninja from an anime that I'm really too old to be watching but just don't give a shit about that particular opinion. Besides, what would I do with my Lady Tsunade costume if that opinion mattered to me? It's WAY too comfortable to give up and that blue stone in the center of my forehead took FOREVER to find. FOREVER. Nope, not resigning as a Narutard just yet.).

Check it out:

Your result for The Harry Potter Husband Test...

Mrs. Black

Your perfect HP man is Sirius Black.

You want a relationship filled with fun times, with a guy who you know will always back you up. Sure, he's a bit of a jerk with anyone who he doesn't approve of, but as long as he likes you, he'll be a lot of fun. Your days will be filled with laughter and merriment, though if you ever have kids, you'd better be prepared to lay some rules down or else they'll end up with a bunch of reckless rulebreakers running around, transforming into animals at every turn.

(Fanart by kellywormtongue http://kellywormtongue.deviantart.com/ Used with permission.)

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  1. Oh dear Kim,
    I took the wrong test....Imagine that?????

    I took the sexiest man test but it wouldn't give me my results.

    But it was fun....I love Viggo!!:-)

  2. i for once did not do this one..wish i did though..Pandora Wilde did this great post...Glad you girls liked it...

  3. I got Bill Weasley but I haven't read the books so I don't know who it is.