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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I know
that you're dreaming of me,

your feelings flow,
ultra powerfully

yeah, its been said
that your heart is undone

'cos of me

Baby lets see...

do you fall in rapture
when they mention my name?

when you hear my voice
does your mind go insane?

perhaps you quiver
when the telephone rings?

OR feel weak at the sight of my face.... ??

thats no disgrace...

Does your body start trembling
when I enter the room?

are your dreams filled with images
too fleetingly gone?

do you fantasize of living your Life
only for me??

I'ts amazing to see!

the most Divine Love
has caught you up in its Grip !

Expect no Mercy at all
when its doing its Work...

its always trippy and Magical,
changing everything

from bad to good,
and thats where we begin

the world is heightened
as your heart lifts to sing

submerge your soul
and let your Spirit free

expressing itself again and again
in Love,forever and Endlessly...

JTC :)

1 comment:

  1. Very lovely poem. There's truly magic in love. When we are attracted to certain things or people, we can't help but do everything for the sake of being noticed or appreciated. Have a nice day!