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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary

I knew it would happen...we had an awesome anniversary. Out to dinner at a very nice restaurant. Bottle of wine on the table. Large baked stuffed lobsters on the table with Delmonico potatoes, pickled beets, an awesome salad...I ate until I was stuffed and brought the rest home.

I just could tell the check was well over a hundred dollars. But, after all, your anniversary comes only once a year. right? So we went out on Saturday. It took until Monday before he started. Do you know how many lobsters we could have bought for that amount of money?
No I said, hating myself for playing along. At least thirty he said. And we could have bought steamers and cherry-stones to go with them...and...and...a nice dessert. You were too full for dessert I answered. Well if we ate home I wouldn't have been.

Is it worth all the nonsense to go out? It sure is. Wonder what I'll want next year?

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