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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Breakfast at home

For those of you who don't know me although my hubby is a great cook he only cooks when the spirit moves him...apparently today was the day. I was sitting here and quietly blogging when he called me and said come to breakfast...are you kidding me? come to breakfast...what the heck is going on?

Anyway not one to look a breakfast go, I went out to the kitchen and to my surprise the table was set and at my place was two eggs...over easy, three pieces of wonderful crisp bacon and two slices of my favorite...raisin toast...can you believe it?

Of course being me I suspect something is up...could the Doctor have called? Am I dying?
Is he leaving me? Nah he wouldn't leave...we would not want to choose who gets young son...neither one of us want him and we both want the cat...

Should I not have eaten the breakfast? Could he have poisoned me? We will find out soon enough..UUUGH


  1. hmmmmm .... All I know, is that turning down a good breakfast is quite impossible for me!

    Did it smell good? Can I have it?

    I will be waiting for the epilogue.

  2. It was wonderful...but...I still had to throw dinner together but that was easy...I just boiled shrimp...sliced tomatoes and cukes from the garden and picked up a loaf of french bread...I almost baked a cake but I am one big ache from the MRI and the XRAY's yesterday...I saved you a slice of perfectly cooked bacon but it was in the reach of penny and she ate it...I didn't even know she liked bacon...sorry...

  3. Maybe next time .... I see you did not get poisoned!

  4. nope and this morning it was blueberry muffins with so many blueberries they were falling apart..awesome...saved ya some...