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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Santa came back..Where is the Blog Elf?

Okay, Santa came back and hopefully it is fulltime now..He surely was missed by alot of people in the blog world..But we still are missing the Blog Elf and his shoes..I certaintly don`t want to smell his smelly feet when he comes back..Do you? If we only had some clues where his shoes might be right now. In the previous post, you will find a picture of what the shoes look like..Hopefully i will hear something soon about the Blog Elf or his shoes..Both would be nice..
There is no need to search for Magical Golden Cat..He recently came back himself..He had a nice long vacation and well rested for Christmas which is coming up in a matter of a few months...
Welcome back guys...


  1. I smelled the shoes before scrolling down ... whew!!

  2. I miss the elf! Let him come back. I don't care if his shoes stink, he is soooo cute!

    Love and Blessings,

  3. I miss the blog Elf too. However, I suspect he will not return. I hope I'm wrong, but I think he's gone.

    And you're right Speedy, something stinks...smile


  4. Ann??? Say it isn't so!!

    Hi Angelbaby :-)

  5. Speedy, I didn't mean you. (laughing) After I left that comment, I thought, oh, I hope Eric didn't think I meant him. I meant that the situation stinks. I miss the little Elf.

    I'm glad you're not missing too...that would also stink. :)

    Big Hug~


    Hey Kim and big hug to you too.

    Annie again

  6. Off topic, sorry, but I might be just about ready to start contributing here if you still want my potty mouth and bitchy attitude.

    Oh, and if there's rules about those things, tell me now--I can clean up the blue in the postings but I'd rather do the cleanup before someone's offended.

  7. Oh I really miss elfy...and I am so used to smelly feet having hubby and two teenaged sons sitting around the house...peewhew
    speedy say it ain't so...stinky feet from you too?
    I am sure kim. angel baby and annie would never have stinky feet...
    and pandOra...welcome

  8. Thanks, mauniejames3--it's great to be here :)