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Friday, August 1, 2008

My daughetrs 13 birthday

Yesterday was my daughters 13 birthday, and her pet fish died on her birthday..We had to get her a new fish to replace the other one after we had a toilet funeral for it...She tried to find one almost the same color as the previous fish...She also wanted her hair chopped off to her shoulders, colored and wanted pink highlights added to it..I did everything put cut her hair..She starts 7th grade on Monday...(the boys start school on monday to)..Tonight we are going to the drive-in to watch a couple of movies..I think we are going to watch The Dark Knight and Journey to the center of the earth...The kids have been dying to see those movies...We are going to the drive-in while it is still open before it closes to greedy money hungry land owners to sell it for more office buildings..This is the last drive in movie theatre in Tucson...

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  1. Sorry about your daughter's fish!
    Seems so early to start back to school! It's state law here in Michigan that public schools cannot start 'til after Labor Day, for the tourist season.