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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Penny has a fit

Okay we have positively spoiled our cat. Well the thing is we concentrate all our energies on her and she knows she is the queen of all things. She is not a fan of air conditioning, even though she
Has semi long hair for a cat.

Now when she doesn't get what she wants she throws herself down on the floor (like a two year old) and howls. Can you just imagine?

I was upstairs making the bed when she decided it was time for a treat. She was further aggravated to realize I was not down here to witness her nonsense so she stopped her screaming..walked up the stairs and into the bedroom..as calm as can be and when she saw me
She started her routine again..it was hilarious.

So the air conditioning thing..she prefers to sit outside in a sunbeam so we have to lock the front door and allow her to rest out there. I did that one day and forgot the screen door in
The back was locked so hubby and young son were trying to figure out how to get in..unfortunately the only window unlocked was the one where the window box is. They argued about who would climb in..poor hubby lost..got a ladder and climbed in the window, over the window box and over the leather couch..he was furious when I got home..some people just don't like to try something different.

This morning she thought it would be nice if I got up at six. So here I sit, coffee in hand waiting for the paper to be delivered. Maybe tomorrow I'll try tough love.

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  1. All cats are spoiled one way or another...just because we babied them when they were alot younger than they are now