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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The day after a holiday weekend

July 07, 2008

The day after a holiday weekend. How does your house look today? Like a herd of rampaging elephants has run through it? Like the ghost with little white pieces of paper (think confetti) dropped stuff all over your rugs..As you look in the fridge and freezer...nothing left to eat? Welcome to my world. Out of guilt we had two cookouts and attended one...the one we went to was wonderful...everything tasted especially good...seemed to look more appetizing..it was so great. When it's your house all you do is run and even though everything seemed to vanish I get so worried that I don't even seem to taste anything...but it seemed a good time was had by all. People want to come to our house because of the in ground pool...Today...I say fill it in and plant tomatoes....at least I'll make sure no one pee's or poop's on them...


  1. how is the house now? clean yet?

  2. I read this before?? Hi Maunie!

    So this is the blogging den. Are there bears in here?

    ... a hug from the CAT

  3. the house is now back to normal perps..ya can't eat off the floors but it's better then it was..isn't it amazing what a vacuum cleaner and mop can do? Grammy said if the floors are clean the rest of the house looks clean..
    Hey speedy..lots of bears in here..my granddaughter and I were playing..I live in the ____ and my name is____________. She said I live in a cave and I hang upside down..Oh yeah I said..that's a bat..nope she said..after about an hour I said I gave up..she said a bear!! A bear doesn't hang upside
    down I said..he could if he wanted to she answered..
    a hug right back atcha...